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Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Cookies, Macaroon Towers & Desserts

We can create bespoke cupcakes for you in the colour theme for your special event with a selection of sponge & icing flavours presented beautifully. 


Our Cupcakes can be individually packaged in clear boxes with ribbon making a perfect gift to give to guests at your event or choose our bespoke service with our personalised cupcakes boxes with names of bride and groom, event and date of event for a more sophisticated touch which can be placed as table favours or on the dessert table for guests to take. We also provide Cupcake Towers for a more elegant effect along with a cake for the top tier at an extra cost for clients whom book more than 1 service with us in the london areas only.


Themed cupcakes can be made for you at an additional charge, please inform us at the time of booking:


Themes Include: 1st, 21st, 50th Birthday, Kids birthday themes Superman, spiderman, cinderella, garden of eden, mickey mouse, wedding bells & anniversary themes or your chosen theme.


Beautiful Designed Cupcake Wrappers are the Latest Trend and are also available at an extra cost and are ideal for buffets when cupcakes are presented loosely on a stand creating a more elegant display.


Cupcakes are perfect for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries, corporate events, business lunches, Christmas parties, baby showers, coffee mornings or simply part of our corporate gift bags service.


Cupcakes can be delivered to London & surrounding areas only for large orders only, delivery charges apply. If you have other services booked with us on the same day your cupcakes will be delivered at the same time with the rest of our services.


It is advised to order Extra cupcakes at the time of booking for any extra guests as last minute requests cannot be fulfilled. Please choose the cupcake of your choice from the Cupcake Gallery Page or select your choice of sponge and icing below for something bespoke for you!


Sponge Flavours:

* Vanilla sponge

* Chocolate

* Coffee

* Banana

* Lemon

* Coconut

* Carrot

* Orange

* Lavender

* Lemon

* Cinnamon

* Red Velvet



* Vanilla

* Strawberry

* Chocolate

* Coffee

* Lemon

* Chocolate

* Caramel

* Peanut



Cake Pops

Why not choose the latest craze Cake Pops for your special event, they are perfect as favours or part of dessert buffets, ideal for wedding favours, anniversaries, corporate events, kids birthday’s, christmas parties etc.


We can create the perfect Cake Pop for you in your favourite sponge, coloured icing & decoration of your choice. Cake Pops can be personalised with at an extra cost, please inform us at the time of booking. Please choose your sponge flavour, icing colour and decoration before ordering. Please view some cake pops on our Cupcake & Cake Pop Gallery Page


We can Themed cake pops in the theme of your choice such as superman, garden of eden, cinderella or your chosen theme and colour at extra cost please inform us at the time of booking.



Cookies make great table Favours and can be custom made for you in your chosen theme, names, initials or special birthday numbers, logos, xmas corporate events and are presented individually in clear bags with colour co-cordinated ribbon for your special event. Cookies are also great as a buffet table. Please view our Cookie Favours on our Gallery Page


Cookies are perfect for all occasions:  weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries, corporate events, business lunches, Christmas parties, baby showers, coffee mornings or simply part of our corporate gift bags service.


Cookie Flavours:

* Gingerbread

* Lemon

* Lavender

* Cinnamon

* Chocolate

* Vanilla


Icing Flavours:

* Vanilla

* Strawberry

* Chocolate

* Coffee

* Lemon

* Chocolate

* Caramel

* Peanut


Delivery Charges apply if ordered without any other prominent services by us.


Macaroon Towers

Our Macaroon Towers create a great visual of colours presented and provide a great feast for your guests ideal for dessert buffets, receptions, canapés and served with tea and coffee.      Please view our Macaroon Towers on our Gallery Page.


We also provide macaroons as favours presented in clear bags with ribbon or in favour boxes with or without ribbon & Personalised Tags in various flavours of your choice or how about Macaroons to go with your colour theme!


* Mint & chocolate

* Creme Brulee (vanilla with pieces of caramel)

* Dark Chocolate

* Rose Petal

* Blackcurrant and Violet

* Pistachio

* Green Tea and Coconut

* Mogador (milk chocolate and passionfruit)

* Lemon

* Praline

* Salted Caramel

* Cappuccino

* Blackcurrent

* Raspberry





Our mouth watering mini desserts are a great after a meal, from a wide variety ranging from cheesecakes, mouse’s, tarts, shots glasses, profiteroles, macaroons, petit fours, chocolate fondants, pies and more, perfect to have as your dessert on your table or on a dessert buffet. Please view our full selection of Desserts on our Gallery Page.


1. Macaroons

2. Raspberry Cheesecake

3. Mini Tarts

4. Mango Cheesecake

5. Rose Cheesecake

6. York Cheesecake

7.Chocolate Cheesecake

8.Lemon Cheesecake

9.Lemon Cheesecake

10.Raspberry Cheesecake (Round)

11. Mixed Cheesecakes

12. Raspberry Tart

13. Truffles

14. Mouse Shot Glasses

15. Chocolate Mouse Glass

16. Strawberry Mouse

17.Ricotta Cheesecake

18. Mixed Fruit Tart

19. Profitteroles

20. Christmas Log

21.Chocolate Fondant Mini or Medium sized

22. Mixed Variety

23. Plain Crème Brulee

24.Time Puddings


26. Chocolate Tart

27. Yule Logs

28. Large Portion Cheesecakes



31. Donuts