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1. How does the chocolate get to the top of the Fondue Fountain?
The Fondue has a specially made stainless steel corkscrew (Auger) which rotates and brings the chocolate from the tempering base to the opening at the top of the Chocolate Fountain; it then flows back down to the basin.

2. Where would I use the Chocolate Fondue Fountain?
The Chocolate Fountain can be hired for weddings, banquets and corporate events and just about any occasion where you wish to impress your guests, and create a luxurious atmosphere.

3. Will you assemble the Fondue Fountain for me?
Yes, our packages are inclusive of, a uniformed operator, who will deliver, assemble and supervise. When your event is over we will dismantle the Chocolate Fountain and take it away.

4. How far do you travel?
We travel anywhere within the M25, which is included in the rental price. Any further and we do charge a small additional charge depending on your location.

5. What kind of Chocolate is used in the Fondue?
We use the finest Belgian Curvature chocolate. It comes in Dark, Milk or white chocolate flavour.

6. How long can the Chocolate Fondue be run for?
The average time the machine will run on a rental is 3 hours, although longer is no problem.

7. How many people does the Fondue serve?
The medium sized 29’ Chocolate Fountain serves between 100 - 300 people. For larger events, the 40’ Fountain serves up to 500 people.

8. Which dipping foods can be used in the Chocolate Fondue Fountain?
Your imagination is the limit!! You can use strawberries, pineapple & melon chunks, marshmallows, profiteroles, and other fruits. We do however, advise against anything that crumbles or that easily slides off skewers to avoid blocking the consistent flow of the chocolate.

9. Can the Fondue Fountain be used outdoors?
We strongly recommend not using the machine outdoors as small insects are attracted by the wonderful smell of the chocolate, and the chocolate hardens extremely quickly. Which will spoil the consistent flow of chocolate in the fondue?

10. What sort of electricity do we need in place?
All fountains use a domestic 13amp UK plug.

11. Will I need to provide anything?
Depending on which package you choose you might have to provide the dips. Other than that, all we require from you is a 4/6ft table, preferably round and clothed, a power point and the Chocoholic guests to Enjoy.