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Waffles, Donuts & Ferrero Rocher Towers


Delicious Hot Belgian Waffles made Fresh on site served to you & your guests, with a selection of toppings to choose, with fully inclusive package. Baked with a few minutes for your guests to enjoy, served in individual portions.


Ideal for weddings, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, receptions, christenings, corporate events, christmas parties, product launches or any occasion.


Package Includes:

*        Delivery, Setup, & Clearing

*        3 Hour Running Time

*        Uniformed Staff to Bake Fresh Hot Waffles on Site

*        5 Toppings & Sauces of your choice

*        Individual Disposable Waffle Trays, Napkins & Forks



*        Pure Hot Belgian Milk Chocolate *

*        Butternut Scotch Syrup

*        Mango or raspberry Coulie

*        Maple Syrup

*        Mini Marshmallows

*        Chocolate Chips

*        Toffee Sauce

*        Whipped Cream

*        Fresh Fruit: Banana

*        Fresh Strawberries

*        Blueberries

*        Kiwi

*        Crushed Cookies Pieces




Donuts are popular for all events and are popular with kids and adults alike. With a range of 27 delicious varieties to choose from, in various icing colours and flavours, displayed on an elegant tower.


Personalised Donuts are also available at an Extra Cost per donut why not have your initials or name/s date or company name on the donuts!


Minimum of a 120 donuts apply.


We can also provide Donuts as favours if you prefer in clear bags with ribbon and a personalised tag, a great favour!




*        Donut Tower

*        A Choice of Donut Varieties

*        Delivery, Setup, Clear Away


Donut Varieties:

1.   Chocolate Sprinkles

2.   Strawberry Sprinkles

3.   Vanilla Sprinkles

4.   Chocolate Frosted

5.   Chocolate Frosted with biscuit

6.   Cookie Crumble

7.   White Chocolate filled with Cookie

8.   Double Caramel

9.   Caramel Frosted with Drizzle /Vermicelli

10.  Double Strawberry

11.  Chocolate Filled

12.   Lemon Meringue

13.   Lemon Frosted

14.   Powdered Lemon

15.   Bavarian Filled

16.   Powdered Hazelnut

17.   Hazelnut Filled

18.   Boston Crème

19.   Strawberries and Kreme

20.   Apple Cinnamon

21.   Cinnamon Glazed

22.   Cinnamon Ring

23.   Raspberry Filled

24.   Sugar Jelly

25.   Sugar Raised

26.   Glazed

27.   Smiley Face

28.   Personalised Donuts at an extra £1.50 per Donut


Ferrero Rocher Towers

Our Stunning Ferrero Rocher Towers create a “WOW” affect at your event and are popular with kids and adults at all special occasions from wedding, parties, anniversaries, birthdays to corporate events. Our Towers range from 9 to 16 Tiers, the 16th Tier Tower has over 500 Ferrero Rochers for a double helping for guests to enjoy, with stand dimensions of 25" Height & 35" Diameter.


White Raffello Chocolates & Lindor Chocolates are also available if you prefer or why not have a mixture of White Raffello & Ferrero Rochers Chocolates for more of a choice.